Marcus Katz

Kabbalah Book


In The Magician’s Kabbalah, for the first time is clearly laid out the entire map of spiritual progress in the western esoteric initiatory system illustrated by tarot on the Tree of Life.

Drawing on three decades of experience and using previously unpublished material from the original archives of the Golden Dawn Society of 1888 and ground-breaking research on A. E. Waite, you will discover how Kabbalah is used as a tool of spiritual initiation.

Complete with exercises, tables and diagrams to allow you to explore the Kabbalah and Tarot for your own magical and mystical development.

This book has been written to provide all students and practitioners an essential guidebook to an authentic path of western spiritual development.

It features substantial chapters on the Tree of Life, the Four Worlds, the Qlippoth, illustrations, exercises and extensive reading list.

The Magician’s Kabbalah now available in softback on Amazon from Forge Press (2015).

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